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Andreou Winery

Our history

Andreas Andreou, a prominent local businessman in the region, driven by his love for quality wine, started his career in winemaking evaluating the ideal soils (territorial) and climatic conditions and with a compass of his vision he creates his own vineyards in 1995.

Andreou Winery

In 2010 Andrea's son Nektarios Andreou takes over the estate. With a focus on the size of the winery, he sets the foundations for the expansion of vineyards with modern machinery which upgrade to a modern one. The tradition and the modernism are in the orbit of implementation.

Andreou Winery

The permanent goal of quality is a search engine for the son Neκtarios Andreou.
He has been a follower of the special wine course of the Winery for ten years now, setting the bar of quality very high, investing in the promotion of the Greek wine of Trizinia with the varietal wines both locally and internationally.

Andreou Winery

Minimizing interventions at all stages of production to best express the microclimate of the region, and the unique quality even for the most demanding connoisseur...

Relying on principles and values and with love for the land of their ancestors, they produce the fine wines of the "Andreou Winery".

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