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Andreou Winery


The Andreou Winery is a modern wine-growing boutique with a modest architecture, designed to serve two purposes:

• the perfect wine-making process, with a very high standard at all stages of wine production, bottling, ripening and preservation
• traffic, with spaces capable of hosting, initiating, training and entertaining visitors.

Andreou Winery

It consists of the following spaces:

The reception area of the grape with modern presses and the ability to win 400 tons of grapes.
Its equipment is of a high standard and consists of sparkling temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks for fermentation and other wine processing.

The oak barrel cellar, with a constant temperature of + 14 ° C and a humidity of 70%, where the wines mature in ideal conditions.
Here, time, patience, experience and multiple tastings ensure the high quality of every barrel, every bottle, every glass, every sip.

Andreou Winery

The bottling line, capable of bottling 600 bottles per hour, is located in a separate, unobtrusive and sanitary area.
In bottled wine storage warehouses with a constant temperature of +16° C and 60% humidity, they guarantee the proper development of the wines in the bottle.

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